Sexual irony – speaking well of the dead. 22 March 2019 by Égalité Andrew Lightbrown (Rector of Winslow) wrote a blog about the sad irony that he was able to welcome the funeral of a gay man but unable to celebrate the 40 year relationship that had been at the centre of his life. You can read more of his blogs here Earlier… ... Read more
How to reconcile differing consciences – a view from across the Pond 20 March 2019 by Égalité The Episcopal Church of the United States has taken a very different approach to issues of human sexuality from its sister Church here in England.  Its General Convention has resolved that marriage is open to people regardless of their sexuality, and is seeking to respect the conscience of the minority… ... Read more
Equal Marriage: crossing the threshold 17 February 2019 by Æqualitas On 28 March 2014 the then Dean of Durham, Michael Sadgrove, wrote a blog post to celebrate equal marriage becoming law in England on that day when the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 came into force. You can read the post here. In this 2014 post he recognized that equal marriage… ... Read more
Now is the time for change 16 February 2019 by Æqualitas On 27 July 2017 Michael Sadgrove, who before he retired in 2015 was the Dean of Durham, wrote a blog post to commemorate the 50th anniversary (to the day) of the 1967 Act of Parliament that decriminalized homosexual activity between consenting male adults in private. You can read the full… ... Read more