The Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England is not officially recognised by the Church of England

Equal, the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England, is campaigning for a change in the teaching and practice of the Church of England to allow all couples to marry in church, regardless of their gender, sex or sexuality. This principle of equality already applies in English law and in some other churches.

The Church of England’s current official position is that only opposite-sex couples can marry in its churches. Same-gender couples cannot marry in church. They cannot even officially receive a blessing after a civil marriage. Christians who have married their same-gender partner are discriminated against in the ministry of the church, both lay and ordained.

Our aims

  • We believe that same-gender couples should be able to be married in Church of England parishes.
  • We believe that people in such marriages should have the same opportunities for lay and ordained ministry in the Church of England as anyone else.
  • We believe that the consciences of everyone should be protected – no member of the clergy should be forced to conduct a marriage they disagree with. No member of the clergy should be prevented from celebrating a marriage involving a same-gender couple.

What we are

Equal is not a membership organization. There are no membership fees, no complicated structure, no committee to join and no local groups to support.

Equal is simply a campaign to ensure that the official policy of the Church properly respects and protects the conscience of all its members on these matters of deep human importance.

Together we will see a change in the official position of the Church of England to be more representative of the views of its members.

Together we can create a church that welcomes and supports everyone regardless of sexuality and that benefits from the spiritual gifts of those who have been previously excluded.

Together we can ensure that all people, regardless of their sexuality, can be married in their local parish Church and be treated with respect and dignity.

Together we can help to bring about ‘radical Christian inclusion’ in response to the loving generosity and grace of God.

Making a start

  • Sign our Open Letter to the House of Bishops.
  • Please contact us if you have IT, publicity, media or campaigning skills, or are willing to join a demonstration or to write letters.
  • Free resources are available to download and print. Ask for the Equal logo to be displayed in your parish church, magazine and website.
  • Badges are available at a small cost to cover production and postage, so why not order lots and give them out to members of your church.
  • Click here to find out about other ways to support us.